Recommended Jefferson County School Board and Judicial Candidates

The COVID pandemic exposed a number of nationwide problems and shortcomings in the public education system. Jefferson County was no exception, as parents whose children were attending schools in the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) system quickly learned the importance of expressing their voices and having a seat at the decision making table. Various local parent movements have grown significantly over the past two and half years, as parents became more actively involved in all education related issues their kids are facing across the areas of student safety, academic content and quality. JCPS parents expect open communication, more transparency, and school leaders who put students first while providing a world class educational experience.

A critical part of the local parent engagement process is supporting JCPS Board of Education candidates for the November 2022 elections who will work to ensure student safety, improve educational outcomes, and gain meaningful input from JCPS parents. The following candidates embody these characteristics and will deliver the change that is needed.

District 1: Charlie Bell – www.charliebell4schoolboard.com

District 3: Steve Ullum – www.steveforjcps.com

District 5: Greg Puccetti – www.gregpuccetti.com

District 6: Misty Glin – www.mistyglin.com 

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